Presence of a maniraptoriform dinosaur in the Late Cretaceous (Maastrichtian) of Chiapas, southern Mexico

Gerardo Carbot-Chanona, Héctor E. Rivera-Sylva


Here is described the
first dinosaur evidence from Chiapas, and also the southernmost
evidence of dinosaurs in Mexico. A small theropod tooth, identified
as Richardoestesia isosceles, based on its shape and the presence of
small denticles on the mesial and distal carinae with rounded
outline, was collected in the Ocozocoautla Formation (Late
Cretaceous, Maastrichtian). These results extend the fossil record
of this taxon in North America, as it is the southernmost record of
Richardoestesia and the first report of this genus in

Palabras clave

Dinosaur; Theropoda; Richardoestesia; Maastrichtian; Chiapas; Mexico.

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